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        The era of Globalization had made a great impact on Agriculture and related services worldwide. To balance the influence of Agriculture the Sovereign powers have started lending graciously. Specially the corporate monopolizing the present opportunities have now started to reach citizens individually. Harmonization of agriculture services once history is now reaching individual rural mass.

              Koviseagro has emanated with the Mantra of “Green World and Effective Transfer of Agriculture Technology”. As an ultimatum / power bridge this website is a user friendly tool managed by qualified professionals in Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Software Development providing effective solutions for the same.

                Koviseagro is mainly involved in issemination of agriculture technology worldwide through the process of lab to land services. Their main concentration is on that the farming community should use Good Agriculture Practices in their farm taken into account of traditional, scientific and innovative approach in order to get a reasonable income and thereby those involved in agriculture can get a commercial business attitude.

Koviseagro Mart

KOVISE AGRO based in Chennai is functioning as Market Facilitator of Products of Farmers, Farmer Producer Companies and Organisations, Cottage Industries and Home made products, Self help groups as a Farmer – Consumer friendly marketing system,

The main features of this concept are the following:

  1. Maximum Retail Price is fixed by the producer ( Farmer or Farmer Producer Company) and the products will be packed by the supplier with their contact details.
  2. It is just farmer’s product and not branding as organic
  3. It comprises of products where traditional processing can be done and free of adulterants
  4. We are initiating this concept throughout India
  5. Pricing is clearly indicated with Base Price, GST and HSN Code (If you find any changes in HSN Code and GST percentage kindly intimate us)

KOVISE AGRO mainly facilitates in logistics and compliance and creating awareness and promoting the products.

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